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Former international woman of mystery. Native Texan. Experienced communicator who speaks in pictures + words + hands. Also

Austin, TX
Joined September 2009

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  1. Mar 25
  2. Mar 21

    out near Bee Cave ? Going on 30 minutes...

  3. Mar 18

    Cool little feature in FB menu called Town Hall lets you find, message & call your State and Federal representatives. Please share this.

  4. Mar 18

    You guys....your Saturday night is about to elevate:

  5. Mar 18
  6. Mar 17

    Fan of ? Annotated manuscripts- & others- densely written in small, blocky print, & margin notes, on view.

  7. Mar 14

    Nothing damaging to Trump in tonight's two page return. DON'T BE DISTRACTED. lies Full

  8. Mar 14
  9. Mar 11
  10. Mar 10

    How do we always miss this one?!?

  11. Mar 10

    This is everything in understanding how people orient themselves in life and the world:

  12. Mar 9

    Watching in the , right now! Considering my own white russian to accompany...

  13. Mar 9
  14. Mar 9

    Read all about the genesis of the very first 1997-1999 over on the "About" page:

  15. Mar 9
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  16. Mar 9

    A big reason I'm offering presentation skills coaching...b/c public speaking freaks almost everyone out.

  17. Mar 8
  18. Mar 8

    Love. More. Soul. Soar. Vote. Woke. Bold. Roar.

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  20. Mar 7

    Working on a little something for my soul sisters + tomorrow....

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